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You are individual.

Because every patient is unique, Dr. Julia DiPierdomenico will take the necessary time to fully understand you when considering treatment options. As an experienced Tucson psychiatrist, Dr. Julia DiPierdomenico sincerely cares for her patients and takes the required time to develop a comprehensive treatment plan with you. With this in mind, Dr. DiPierdomenico will spend 90 minutes with new patients, and 30 to 60 minutes with established patients. Consequently, Dr. DiPierdomenico has decided to practice without the confinement from medical insurance companies as an out of network provider. She is currently accepting new patients.



Mind Body MD Clinic

Dr. DiPierdomenico sees patients in her private office located at 6262 North Swan Rd. This office is co-located with the Arizona Institute of Integrative Medicine, which together comprise Mind Body MD. The goal of this joint clinic is to provide patients access to a higher standard of healthcare both in terms of their primary care and their mental healthcare. We aim to make a profound difference in patients’ lives.



Dr. DiPierdomenico primarily treats adult patients, but she has experience with a wide range of child psychiatric disorders as well. In her Tucson psychiatry practice, patients will have access to the following services.

Psychiatric Evaluations for Adults

Psychiatric Evaluations for Children and Adolescents

Individual Therapy (Adults, Children and Adolescents)

Family/Couple Therapy

Medication Management, if/as needed



 To become a patient of Dr. DiPierdomenico’s, schedule an appointment for an initial consultation in our office. Through this consultation, Dr. DiPierdomenico will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

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Dr. DiPierdomenico has treated patients with a number of different psychiatric disorders. She has researched the medical value of decision making and intelligent information processing. Additionally, she has done research investigating the physiological effects of neurotransmitters and their receptors in the brain and ways in which adverse drug events are detected by physicians. She strives to be the best psychiatrist in Tucson treating the following disorders.


Anxiety Disorders


Acute Stress Disorder

Panic Disorders

Substance Abuse Disorders

Eating Disorders

Bipolar and Mood Disorders


Schizoaffective Disorder

Delusional Disorder

Personality Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Intermittent Explosive Disorder 

ADHD (Children and Adolescents only)

Attachment Disorders


Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Somatoform Disorder

Insomnia/Sleep Disorders




6262 North Swan Road

Suite 105

Tucson AZ


PH: (520)-261-6533

FAX: 520-300-7199


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