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Below you will find updates and articles from resources regarding mental health issues.

The best place to start learning about mental health is under the care of an experienced psychiatrist. However, it can be helpful to follow mental health news and updates to further your knowledge. Additionally, learning more through the articles below may help inform your treatment, allowing you to take a more active role in your care. The following reading has been selected by Dr. DiPierdomenico. These articles are in-line with her practice style and treatment philosophies. For a deeper understanding of Dr. DiPierdomenico’s therapy services, click over to our Therapy page. To gain a better understanding of mental health issues and modern treatment guidelines, click through the links below.


Sleep and Depression

If you've been diagnosed with clinical depression, you may be having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. There's a reason for that. There is a definite link between lack of sleep and depression.


Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Mental health problems are frequently complicated by substance abuse, putting patients in need of special care. Furthermore, patients being treated for mental illness may begin to self-medicate, causing further issues.


Psychodynamic Therapy for Depression

Psychodynamic therapy is the kind of talk therapy many people imagine when they think of psychological treatment for depression. This type of therapy will be customized to patients’ unique needs and personalities.

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Foods To Fight Depression

Your diet won’t cure depression, but some foods might give your body a little help in fighting it. Learn more about the right diet to fight depression here.


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