Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatrist in Tucson - notepad and pen

Every patient of Dr. DiPierdomenico’s will begin their care with an initial psychiatric evaluation. This visit will take place over a 90-minute, one-on-one session with Dr. Julia DiPierdomenico. She will spend the first part of this evaluation reviewing your medical history. This includes your presenting problem and its background, as well as your mental and physical medical history. Additionally, you might discuss your family health history too.

The second part of the psychiatric evaluation will steer away from the clinical side. It will focus on your social history. This is part of a technique used by Dr. DiPierdomenico called walking through your life. You will discuss where you were born and raised, as well as the family members who were primarily responsible for your upbringing. Furthermore, the doctor may ask about your current family relationships and social supports. You may also discuss your living situation, financial status, religious beliefs, legal problems, history of abuse, and your occupation. All of this information will then paint a picture of your daily life and background, allowing Dr. DiPierdomenico insight into the most effective treatment pathways for your needs.

Finally, the evaluation will be finished with an assessment and diagnostic impression from Dr. DiPierdomenico. She will share her treatment options and recommendations for moving forward.

Why is an initial psychiatric evaluation necessary?

Even if you have seen other mental health professionals before, it is essential to establish a new patient history through a psychiatric evaluation. This visit will provide insight for your therapy sessions and ensure that you have found a good fit with Dr. DiPierdomenico.

Why is the appointment so long?

It is not often that you will sit down with any medical professional for 90 minutes. However, this longer visit time allows the evaluation to go more in-depth and create a better foundation for your future care.