Initial Psychiatric Evaluation


During the initial Psychiatric Evaluation with Dr. DiPierdomenico, you will be meeting with her directly for an hour and a half.  The first part of your evaluation will be spent reviewing the history of your presenting problem, your psychiatric history, medical history, and family history.  

The second part of the evaluation will focus on your social history.  One technique that Dr. DiPierdomenico uses to take social history is to "walk through your life" with you and will inquire about where you were born and raised by whom, current family relationships and supports, current living situation and functional status, cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs that may affect care, legal problems (current and past), history of abuse, why and by whom (sexual, physical, and/or emotional) and occupational history/status.  

The final section of the evaluation, Dr. DiPierdomenico will cover her assessment and diagnostic impression and treatment options and recommendations.