During the coronavirus pandemic, more medical professionals are utilizing technology to connect with their patients in lieu of in-person visits. Dr. Julia DiPierdomenico is offering telepsychiatry visits to new and existing patients as social distancing becomes increasingly necessary within the Tucson community. During a telepsych visit, you will have a full-length appointment, but it will take place via web cam on your smartphone or computer. So, you can receive the mental healthcare you need without even leaving your house.

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Is telemedicine psychiatry confidential and secure?

Dr. DiPierdomenico utilizes video conferencing software that adheres to all HIPAA regulations for patient privacy and security. However, you will want to ensure that you set up your call in a private, quiet area. With the whole family at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, you may have more difficulty finding some space to yourself. Using headphones can be helpful to ensure the privacy of your call. Dr. DiPierdomenico will hold online appointments from her clinical practice or home office to ensure privacy and minimal background noise to disrupt your visit.


Can Dr. DiPierdomenico still prescribe medication through telepsychiatry services?

After you get set up with the appropriate video conferencing software, your appointment will be much like an in-person visit. Dr. DiPierdomenico can still prescribe medication as necessary. In most cases, she can call prescriptions directly into your pharmacy, so you can simply pick them up or arrange delivery as needed.

Are there safe social distancing alternatives to telemedicine psychiatry?

While some patients are comfortable with web-based psychiatric care and might even prefer it, others still prefer to see the doctor in person. However, minimizing in-person contact has become essential for reducing the impact of COVID-19 within our community. If you feel more comfortable conducting an appointment by phone instead of video conference, contact Dr. DiPierdomenico to make arrangements prior to your appointment time.

Is Dr. DiPierdomenico still accepting new patients?

Telepsychiatry is accessible to all patients, even those new to our practice. If you are a new patient requesting an appointment, select “Initial Psychiatric Evaluation” as your appointment type. This will be a 90-minute visit during which you can get to know Dr. DiPierdomenico and she can make a diagnosis and treatment plan appropriate for your needs.

How can you improve your telepsychiatry experience?

Unfortunately, the patient experience with telepsychiatry can be variable due to different environmental and connectivity issues. To improve the quality of your appointment, take the following steps:

  • Connect via Wi-Fi rather than utilizing your phone’s data connection.
  • Use headphones and an external microphone to minimize feedback and background noise.
  • Set up in a quiet space and get comfortable before the call begins.
  • Familiarize yourself with the video software prior to your appointment time.

How can you improve your telepsychiatry experience?

Video appointments are now available for all new and existing patients in our practice. You can continue scheduling appointments online or call our office at (520)-261-6533 to set up your telepsychiatry visit.