Depression Counseling Tucson

Depression, or major depressive disorder, affects millions of adults in the United States. However, many of those individuals do not seek treatment through depression counseling.

Without treatment, depression can become a major disruption in your life. You may lose sleep (or sleep far too much), withdraw from social activities, and start to struggle at work. Yet, depression is treatable. The first step is seeking psychiatric care including depression counseling in Tucson. Dr. Julia DiPierdomenico has extensive experience treating patients with depression and related disorders.


What is depression?

Depression is more than just a bad mood or feeling occasionally sad. With major depressive disorder, you may have a variety of physical and behavioral symptoms, which can range from mild to severe. When symptoms persist for more than two weeks and other possible causes have been ruled out, such as thyroid problems or other physical illnesses, a diagnosis of depression can be made. Depression symptoms may include:

·       Feelings of sadness, guilt, or worthlessness

·       Difficulty participating in work and leisure activities

·       Slowed movements and speech

·       Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

·       Loss of focus

·       Lethargy and fatigue

·       Changes in appetite

·       Increased sleep or difficulty sleeping

·       Reduced sexual sex drive

·       Difficulty in personal relationships

·       Withdrawal from activities once enjoyed


How does depression counseling help?

Depression is a complex disorder with many possible causes. Thus, is it does not have a one size fits all approach to treatment. However, depression counseling is often an effective component of treatment, because it is tailored to a patient’s individual needs. In addition to offering coping strategies for depression symptoms, counseling may also provide insight into the environmental and personal causes of this disorder.

Often, the value of psychotherapy for depression is undersold. Many people assume that depression is treatable with a little willpower, or that it is not a legitimate medical condition. However, depression can be difficult to manage without professional help. Additionally, it may cause harm to avoid treatment, as depression can increase the risk of suicide and reckless behaviors.

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How can I find the right therapist for depression?

The first step in finding a therapist for depression counseling is to make an appointment with a Tucson psychiatrist like Dr. Julia DiPierdomenico. Your first visit to a mental health professional will be a longer visit dedicated to reviewing your case and identifying potential treatment