Address, Map and Directions

Mind Body MD: 6262 North Swan Road, Suite 105, Tucson, AZ, 85718, TEL: (520)-261-6533

Dr. Julia DiPierdomenico sees patients at Mind Body MD, a clinic she co-owns with Dr. Daniel Horzempa of Arizona Institute of Integrative Medicine. The goal of Mind Body MD is to provide comprehensive healthcare services with a higher level of personalization to make a profound difference in each patient’s life. Because of the unique nature of this innovative clinic, we are an out of network provider not currently accepting insurance.

You can find Dr. DiPierdomenico’s office at 6262 North Swan Road, Suite 105. This suite can be reached through the courtyard on the first floor or from the small staircase at the front of the building. We’ve designed our office to provide comfortable, calm surroundings where you can feel at ease throughout your session.

Getting to Our Office

Mind Body MD is located in the Catalina Foothills at the southeast corner of N. Swan Rd. and E. Skyline Dr. Traveling from the University of Arizona campus, you can reach our office by heading north on N Campbell Ave. Continue for about 6.5 miles until you reach E. Skyline Dr. Turn right onto E. Skyline Dr. and continue to N. Swan Rd. You will see a 7-11 on the left side of the road. Turn right onto N. Swan Rd., and our office building will be on the left.

From our Catalina Foothills office, we see patients from all over Tucson and the surrounding area.