Benefits of Self Pay

It is well known that insurance companies restrict the amount of time spent with patients and they often limit treatment options. There are many benefits to self pay versus insurance.  

Firstly, Dr. DiPierdomenico will be able to spend more time with patients as length and type of treatment is not dictated by the insurance company. Some managed care programs interfere very little with the consumer’s choice of type or length of treatment. Others, however, make many of the important decisions for the patient. Examples include the length of treatment, the type of therapy, the use of medication, the medication brand or type, and referral to self-help groups instead of professional services.

Since insurance companies do not have access to your records in a self pay system, your information remains confidential. Your medical information will not be released unless you authorize it. Therefore, your records will not exist in the Medical Information Bureau. This is important because medical records in the Medical Information Bureau could potentially lead to being declined from current life insurance, future life insurance, and disability insurance. In the event that you decided to use your insurance benefits, then a psychiatric diagnostic code would be associated with your records. Once a diagnostic code is assigned, it will be included in your health care record. However, the Medical Information Bureau will not have access to this information without your authorization under our system.


You may submit a copy of your bill to your insurance company if they have "Out of Network Benefits" for a percentage reimbursement.  
If you decide to be reimbursed by your insurance company, a "superbill" will be provided by Dr. DiPierdomenico.  The "superbill" will include the service provided and the fees for service.  It is recommended to consult with your insurance company prior to the initial psychiatric evaluation if you are interested in reimbursement.